Effortsplus moves to the new office at the Sung Kee Industrial Building, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong on 10 May 2013 with opening ceremony and tea party reception.

The new office provides a comfortable environment for the staff in the daily operation, also provides a comfortable environment to meet with the visitors. Moreover, There is a product showcase area for SICNT, DeCam, ESS, the promotes brands of Effortsplus. The visitors can get in touch with the products closely and get the information about the products. In the new office, there are set of testing facilities which can test the new arrival products, that ensure the products at the high quality standard.


Effortsplus is one of the leading CCTV surveillance products providers and supplying simple security solutions in Hong Kong and overseas. Specializing in the video surveillance, security recording and signal transmission. Effortsplus provides various services and products including our SICNT solutions, DeCam cameras and ESS security essentials that enhance efficiency and competitiveness for enterprises.

Should you need further information, please contact us at +852 3575 3876 or email to marketing@effortsplus.net.

Effortsplus  moves to the new office