Bare Copper Cat6 Cables 

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Bare Copper

Cat5e Cables

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Copyright 2018 Effortsplus Limited. All rights reserved. 

Copyright 2018. Effortsplus Ltd. All rights reserved.

Cables are the necessary in connecting different CCTV and security alarm systems. The Optical Fiber Cables make the speed faster than ever. The ultra-slim Cat6A cables give the flexibility on wiring. Bare Copper Cat5e & Cat6 network cables provide a reliable and efficient wiring solution. HDMI v2.0 4K@60 Hz cables satisfy the needs on High Defintion. Conventional USB and VGA cables ensure the existing equipment with secure connection.  

Effortsplus has the experience and expertise to advise you on what is the best option to consider while providing ease of use for all users of the system and a level of security that is required of the application.

HDMI v2.0

4K Cables   

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Fiber Cables 

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Power Cables  

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Cable Ties

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BNC and

Other Cable

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Cat6A Cables

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HDMI v2.1

8K Cables


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