Effortsplus believes that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in society.

  • We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems.
  • We empower our employees to serve the communities.
  • We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company.
  • We commit to protect our environment, support the green issues of our society.

Corporate  social responsibility

The Gentleman concerns himself with the fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are established, the proper way (dao) appears. (in Chinese: 君子務本,本立而道生。)

As we elaborate it as our company is planted and built from the root, firm in the faith. When we believe it and that is being established, all practical courses (customer satisfaction, reputation, sustainable business relationship) naturally grow up.

OUR  philosophy


  • We ensure that our products and services are stable and standardize.


  • We have sustaining growth and improvement.
  • We aim to provide the best to our customers.


  • We respect our colleagues, customers and end-users, and treat them as we want to be treated.
  • We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.


  • We provide good quality products to our customers as our strict quality control.
  • We have a professional team for the after sales services.

OUR  purpose and values


  • We are group of professionals who consider and understand customer's needs.
  • We always stay in the front of the industry, provides the latest technology and product to customers.

Effortsplus brands and Effortsplus are the foundation of Effortsplus’s success.

We work firmly on our own role in providing professional, reliable & stable video surveillance equipment. We believe that “When we do our best in considering your needs, you will know whom is caring you”. It serves 4-Wins among End users, Customers, our staff & Effortsplus.

Effortsplus Security Solution was founded in 2005. It is an energetic company with a group of professionals. It is positioned in supplying quality video surveillance equipment to the worldwide. With years experience in security industry, it provides not only a tremendous variety of Analogue & Digital Security Production selection, but also products that are both cost competitive and of the finest quality.

With the accumulated video surveillance technology, we provide various security essentials of Color Day/ Night Cameras, DVR, Network Security Camera & Systems, Video Transmission equipment, etc. We commit to provide good quality products, custom-made services to customers. And, to cater the different requirements and tie-in the development of the technology, we are constantly prepared to deliver add-valued service.

Today, Effortsplus has recognized as one of the reliable supplier in the industry and further promotes the DeCam, SICNT, and ESS brands to markets. We will keep going to provide the best quality of video surveillance products, services & solutions.

Simultaneously, we truly believe that a good quality product cannot exist without customer satisfaction. We take our role as a reliable supplier very seriously and stand firmly behind our commitment to make a lasting contribution to the clients.

OUR  Foundation